Recognizing Where Wildlife Does *Not* Belong

There’s a reason that we refer to certain animals as wildlife. That’s because their lives are meant to be lived out in the wild. Not inside your house as a pet, or lurking around your yard. Every now and then though, our lives tend to mix in with the lives of those wild creatures. Sometimes it’s a scary occurrence. But, if the proper steps are taken it doesn’t 3945741443_95035d9dbfhave to be a terrifying experience. It can actually be something super cool and fun, and something that many don’t get to say that they’ve done in their lives. It’s very important though to know what to do when it comes to being face to face with wildlife.

I’ll never forget when I was in grade school, and was just leaving my house to hop on the bus to school. Imagine my shock when sitting right outside my front door was a GIANT turtle. He wasn’t doing much of anything, just kind of enjoying the nice day that we were having. My family and I of course quickly realized that he did not belong on a residential street in a fairly busy city. So, we called the local nature center. It happened so long ago that I’m not sure what the reasoning was for this turtle finding himself meandering in our front yard. I vaguely remember it being something about heavy rain and flooding. But, the moral of the story is that you need to be prepared. Sometimes you will find yourself face to face with a creature that doesn’t belong where you are. I was lucky enough that the wildlife I encountered was something pleasant and harmless.

No_FeedingIf you find yourself in a dangerous situation the first step would be to call Chicago bat control. A dangerous wildlife situation can be a variety of different things. If you find yourself thinking that you are in any sort of danger, then you should immediately call for help. Perhaps a bear wandered into your backyard. This can happen from time to time especially when they are on the hunt for food. Coyotes, wolves, and other animals similar to those can also wander into residential areas. Animals sometimes become confused, and when they’re hungry they can get gutsy. These animals shouldn’t be wandering into areas near homes, and that’s where the next steps should be taken.

Sometimes it’s not so cut and dry. If an animal isn’t terrifying and directly harmful to your health, but you think it doesn’t belong, there can sometime be some confusion. Just like my turtle. If you ever have any doubts than call a local nature center, or turn to research online to see where certain wildlife creatures belong.