What To Do

As mentioned before, making a phone call is always a logical step when confronted with wildlife in suspicious areas. A lot of the time, these animals can be in danger or will be phone-31172_640placed in danger if they are not returned to where they are supposed to be. Many of us are not wildlife experts by any means, that’s why you should always call. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Wildlife experts can come out and take care of the problem. That was everyone is happy, and kept safe.

You should never try to move an animal yourself, especially if you don’t know how dangerous it can be or if it’s hurt. If an animal is hurt you should absolutely not touch it. Getting a vet out there right away is key for keeping the animal alive. Sometimes when wildlife is injured they just tend to wander, and they don’t have their bearings about them.

Keeping you safe is key, and keeping wildlife safe too is just as important! Sometimes people indirectly hurt wildlife. They do this by feeding certain ones human foods, when these can be harmful to their health. Again, as I said before a phone call to someone more qualified about wildlife is just a few clicks of buttons away.